What our students are saying...

All teacher puts in effort to prepare their lecture slides (they are pretty well prepared and comprehensive).
The lectures are fairly interesting and engaging.
Also, laoshi is generally quite effective in facilitating discussion during classes.

Muhammad Syakirin
Team Leader, Shah Alam

I am having so much fun learning Mandarin here. The teaching techniques was absolutely works on everyone and every level. With the jovial character of laoshi, students seems enjoyed and united through our the class. Thank you Kunkwan for giving me a chance to take this advantage for further up my career level. I’m more confident to understand Mandarin now. If I can do this, everyone also can. So don’t be afraid to learn Mandarin. Let’s learn together.

Qurratu Aini Mohamed
Assistant Accoutant, Johor Bahru

I can see much improvement in myself after the class.
Laoshi helping me to build confidence to learn mandarin and from 0, I gradually improve my level of Mandarin.
Teaching method is easy to understand, pronunciation also clear and I can understand clearly.

Fatin Izzati
Senior Executive, Ipoh

Saya suka belajar mandarin dan saya sekarang sudah boleh berkomunikasi dengan kawan Chinese dan Zhongguo ren.
Saya tidak rasa malu malah saya rasa berani, learn from the mistakes and practice makes perfect, walaupun husband saya Chinese dan tidak selalu speaking mandarin dengan saya , bagi saya ini bukan satu kekangan atau halangan
Zai shi yishi, buyao shuibian shuo fangqi!!!!

Nur Asyikin
Service Advisor, Plentong

Laoshi is very polite and approachable. Their ways of teaching is very different and unique which made the lesson really interesting.
I personally enjoyed the class. The way laoshi recap makes me understand the whole lesson of the day. All laoshi here are very good teacher.

Staff Nurse, Iskandar Puteri Johor

First of all, saya start from zero tapa tahu basic Mandarin. After saya join kelas Bahasa Mandarin di Kunkwan. Wah!! Rasa happy sangat dapat belajar Mandarin di Kunkwan.
I believe when I learn many language, I will get more advantages and benefit. I like it.
Laoshi sangat best dan seronok bila belajar. So far, Kunkwan banyak membantu saya bila belajar Bahasa Mandarin. Xiexie Kunkwan.

Student, Selangor

I really enjoy the class. So far all laoshi are very interactive and always make the class fun.
I really enjoy kelas Huang Laoshi, he is a great teacher. I am fortune to know Kunkwan.

Fairuz Azmi
Medical Lecturer, Sungai Buloh