Mandarin CourseKunkwan offers a wide range of subjects

As an international Mandarin Training Centre, Kunkwan offer varieties of courses with different level for everyone.

Our courses are mainly targeted for

Adults(over 13 years old)

CIC (Foundation)

Mandarin Course (1 month)
4 lessons | 8 hours

  • Mandarin phonetics and pronunciation.
  • 150 essential vocabulary words and sentence structures.
  • Greetings and self-introductions.
  • Numbers, dates, and time.
  • Daily conversations and situational dialogues.
  • Chinese culture and customs.


Mandarin Course (4 months)
16 lessons | 32 hours

  • Basic phonetics and pronunciation review.
  • 300 vocabulary words and patterns.
  • Introduction to grammar.
  • Conversations about personal info, family, and hobbies.
  • Shopping, ordering food, and simple inquiries.


Mandarin Course (7 months)
28 lessons | 56 hours

  • Intermediate vocabulary expansion.
  • 600 vocabulary words, advanced structures, and grammar.
  • Discussions on travel, work, and current events.
  • Describing experiences, expressing opinions, and giving presentations.
  • Advanced reading and listening comprehension.


Mandarin Course (10 months)
40 lessons | 80 hours

  • Advanced vocabulary acquisition and usage.
  • 1200 vocabulary words, refined structures, and complex grammar.
  • In-depth discussions on social issues, culture, and global affairs.
  • Advanced reading comprehension and analysis.
  • Presentation skills for complex ideas and arguments.
  • Comprehensive review to enhance fluency, accuracy, and cultural understanding.


Mandarin Course (12 months)
52 lessons | 104 hours

  • Advanced vocabulary for professional contexts.
  • 2500 vocabulary words.
  • Business communication skills, including negotiation and presentation.
  • Reading and discussing professional texts.
  • Polishing conversational fluency and accuracy.
  • Cultural understanding for business interactions.

Professional (Max)

Mandarin Course (20 months)
80 lessons | 160 hours

  • Comprehensive review and reinforcement of listening and speaking.
  • 3500 vocabulary words, advanced conversation on complex topics.
  • Mastering recognition and writing of 600+ Chinese characters.
  • Reading and analyzing authentic texts and literature.
  • Fine-tuning proficiency through immersive activities.
  • Advanced grammar and idiomatic expressions.

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi)

  • At Kunkwan Mandarin Learning Center, we offer specialized courses designed to prepare students thoroughly for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Examination. Our goal is to equip students with the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed.

Cultural activities and events

  • Enabling our students to join in and truly experience the exquisite beauty of Chinese culture.

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