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Enjoying a sterling reputation in a language teaching arena, Kunkwan is one of the most valuable company of International Mandarin Training Centre, a professional Mandarin institute that boasts of the highest number of recruitment and retention of international students.

The teaching faculties in Kunkwan are absolutely outstanding. Kunkwan provides excellent teaching materials and with the highest acceptance rates that made us the leading brand on Mandarin teaching. The fact that we nurture our students from many countries around the world, it also makes us suited to succeed in international markets.

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To be world No.1 Mandarin learning platform.


Bring Mandarin to the world.

Kunkwan offers a wide range of subjects.

As an international Mandarin Training Centre, Kunkwan offer varieties of courses with different level for everyone.

Our courses are mainly targeted for pre-school (5-8 years old), Kids (9-12 years old) and adults (over 13 years old).

Foundation Mandarin Course (1 month)

Beginners Mandarin Course (3 months)

Intermediate Mandarin Course (3 months)

Advanced Mandarin Course (3 months)

Professional Mandarin Course (3 months)

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) exams preparation

Cultural activities and events – our student able to join and experience the beauty of Chinese Culture

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